• Ashton-Drake Galleries "Pretty As A Picture" Titus Tomescu Doll


    This is "Pretty As A Picture" an original issue in the Barely Yours collection of all-porcelain baby dolls by artist Titus Tomescu- the first all-porcelain doll collection issued by the Ashton-Drake Galleries. The edition of "Pretty As A Picture" ends forever on a date no later than December 31, 1996, at which time molds for this doll will be broken and no more porcelain will ever be cast. Certifi ...  More

  • "Little Carnation" by Titus Tomescu from Ashton Drake Galleries #1784FA


    1997 "Little Carnation" is the first issue in the Twinkle Toes Recital collection. Doll was displayed in curio cabinet before being wrapped and stored. Like new condition but no box available. Certificate of Authenticity #1784FA.

  • Ashton Drake Doll Porcelain Bride Doll Wedding In London Spain Titus Tomescu 21"


    Ashton Drake Doll Porcelain Bride Doll Wedding In London England Titus Tomescu A World of Romantic Weddings collection by artist Titus Tomescu The doll is handcrafted porcelain and numbered Measures about 21" tall Pristine item in original box with hangtag and accessories Beautiful item new in original box, appears to have never been removed from the box, no shipper, some slight damage to tissue p ...  More