• 10" Kathe Kruse Doll Early with paper tag also cloth tag on outfit


    10" Kathe Kruse Doll Early with paper tag also cloth tag on outfit This is probably from the 1950's -1960's as it has the kind of stuffing that has started to break down and often times people open a seam and add stuffing. I am leaving him original. He is in nice condition. There appears to be a slight color change in front of blue pants so guess it has faded some but is a minimal difference. The ...  More

  • Artist Choice 16.5" Vintage Original Cloth Kathe Kruse Wide Hip 1900-1912 Doll


    Estate item D 27: This is an authentic Kathe Kruse original antique cloth molded muslin head doll, hand painted, and jointed at the shoulders and hips. This doll is considered an early model because she has the wide hips. The doll is marked on the bottom of one foot with the artist's name Kathe Kruse and numbers. Complete doll is listed to be 16 inches long on most printed items, but I measured he ...  More

  • ELKE Kathe Kruse 14" doll from 1980's Mint in Box


    Elke Elke a Kthe Kruse Doll from the 1980s This adorable Kthe Kruse Doll stands 14 tall and was meticulously made in Germany by the Kthe Kruse company. She has blonde human hair fashioned in braided ringlets. Her body is made from a firmly stuffed knit material and she has a hard plastic head. Her dress is made of cotton fabric with a pink flower print on burgundy background and her pinafore is of ...  More

  • Kathe Kruse "Miriam" Doll--Reduced Again


    This auction is for a Limited Edition Kathe Kruse "Miriam" doll in mint condition. I have this listed as used only because it was previously owned, it looks new. This one is #183 of 350 made. Includes certificate, and other paper work shown, foil neck tag, box, lid, matching cardboard rockers to convert box into a cradle. Also includes the cloth tie in strap that holds the doll in the box. No stic ...  More

  • Kathe Kruse Jockerle Felt Doll Limited Edition of 500


    This is a gorgeous doll. I wish I could tell you I have a lot of information on this doll but all I know about it is what is on the tag. This is new old stock, I can only assume it is vintage and my definition of vintage is being more than 20 years old. The doll is 18" tall and is made entirely made of felt. According to the tag the outfit was custom made for the doll. My pictures just don't do ju ...  More

  • Kathe Kruse 14 " Doll with Brown and White Stripe Dress, Original Box


    Excellent condition 14 " Kathe Kruse doll in brown and white striped dress with straw hat. Original box.

  • Kathe Kruse 14 " Doll with Blue Dress with White Pinafore, Original Box


  • 15" Kathe Kruse Doll..w/ tags........no reserve


  • Kathe Kruse Lovey Snuggly Security Angel / Das Original