• Kathe Kruse Mimi 14" Doll IX


    Kathe Kruse Mimi Doll IX Mimi is the Doll IX model and stands 14 inches tall. Like all classical Kthe Kruse dolls, Mimi has a hand knotted real hair wig and beautifully hand painted eyes and eye lashes. Mimi is 14" tall and has loosely sewn arms and her legs are bendable at the hips. Mimi's muslin body is hand stuffed with reindeer hair which takes on the warmth of your own body heat. Mimi has bee ...  More

  • Beautiful Kathy Kruse 10"doll, vintage, new with tags in original box


    You are bidding on a beautiful 10 inch vintage Kathy Kruse doll made in Germany. It is new with the original foil tag around her neck in the original box which is in new condition. She was never handled or played with. She was kept in the original box in a showcase. She is dressed in a long flowered dress which also has a label that says Kruse on it. She has white underwear and socks and red shoes ...  More

  • Kaethe Kruse Waldorf Doll NWT Emma


    Beautiful Kaethe Kruse Waldorf doll. New with tags. Purchased in Germany. Her name is Emma. Made of all natural materials: cotton, wool, mohair and hand washable. Made with quality and care. She is wearing a light blue dress with floral apron and hair scarf to match.

  • Kathe Kruse Waldorf Doll Halloween Long Brown Hair


    Approx 18" from top of hat to feet Please see photos for details of outfit Kathe Kruse Waldorf dolls are handmade soft rag dolls and their faces are, in the spirit of the Waldorf philosophy, kept simple. They stimulate the imagination and invite to creative play. The Kathe Kruse Company is a well-known German Doll Company that has spent the last century making quality dolls out of the finest mater ...  More

  • Kathe Kruse Lolle German Doll Annabelle 21" - 3+


    The beautiful, realistic lolle Annabelle doll from Kathe Kruse will soon become your preschooler's best friend. Lolle Annabelle has a mischievous smile on her hand-painted face. She is wearing a super-cute dress and jacket, socks and rain boots, and she's carrying a matching purse. The soft-bodied doll is stuffed with fiberfill and weighted with pellets, giving the doll a natural feel when your ch ...  More

  • Perfect Gift 21" Lolle Poppy Doll by Kathe Kruse Yellow/ Red Dress, Boots New


    Irresistibly adorable Kathe Kruse Lolle Doll with yellow and red poppy- flower dress. Green with white polka dot rubber boots. Perfect little friend for a child 36m+. Made with soft-/Vinyl body, Kanekalon wig and hand painted. 21"Kathe Kruse tradition of doll- making goes back to 1905 when she made her first doll for her daughter Mimerle. She wanted to give her special, soft and cuddly doll for Ch ...  More

  • Antique Kathe Kruse Oil Painted Cloth German Doll 16.5"in with wide hips


  • Beautiful Kathe Kruse 48 Doll, 17" Tall!


  • Kathe Kruse Doll MAGIC Musicial


  • Kathe kruse waldorf doll